Steps to Finding a Quality Land Surveyor


Land surveys are quite important as they give landowners binding evidence of true and legal boundaries of their properties along with a record of the condition associated with it. The assessments are not only necessary when the property boundaries change, but also when their use changes, such as altering a building’s fence, driveway, or other features.

land surveyingSurveying is required by banks when property owners want to refinance their homes. That is because a boundary discrepancy can result in problems when proving the land a homeowner is entitled to. Usually, title insurance companies will ask for a new land survey to be done before providing an extended title insurance policy. According to, costs of land survey vary depending on how much should be done to obtain reliable and complete property descriptions, including the terrain and size of a site.

You should note that cost is not the only factor which should influence your decision to work with local land surveyors. Monuments and tools used to mark the boundaries should be taken into account. It is vital to ensure licensed professionals, markers, and quality survey monuments ensure demarcation lines are established for the many years to come. These are steps to follow to get a licensed surveyor in your area.

Gather Key Documents

Ensure all the copies of closing documents for properties are surveyed. If the existing plot maps are available, you should review them before you approach surveyors. In fact, they can provide answers to some of the questions. In most cases, plot information and maps can be found with title and insurance documents.

Research Local Surveying Firms

The web is an important tool for finding potential surveyors. To help you with the search, you should start by finding a website of the state surveyors association. The best way of doing this is by checking the websites of professional surveyors. Most of these websites will provide information and links to certified professional surveyors in your area.

Generate a List of Licensed Surveyors

Ideally, you will not reach out to every surveyor in your area. Therefore, you need to ensure you only reach out to licensed surveying professionals, use the search feature, and contact the state licensing board. Nowadays, many online tools can help you find local surveyors.

Contact Surveyors

After confirming licensed surveyors in your area, you should contact them and inform them about the type of work to be done. Remember to ask relevant questions to help you find a professional you can work with.