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Reviews By Author

(Alphabetical by author’s last name, book title)


Abbott, Megan — Dare Me
Aghdashloo, Shohreh — The Alley of Love and Yellow Jasmines
Allende, Isabel — Ripper
Anam, Tahmima — A Golden Age
Anam, Tahmima — The Good Muslim
Anshaw, Carol — Carry the One
Atwood, Margaret — In Other Worlds
Augustave, Elsie — The Roving Tree
Austen, Jane — Pride and Prejudice


Balson, Ronald H. — Once We Were Brothers
Barnes, Julian — The Sense of an Ending
Benaron, Naomi — Running the Rift
Blackman, Andrew — A Virtual Love
Boo, Katherine — Behind the Beautiful Forevers
Boyne, John — The Absolutist
Brooks, Terry — The Sword of Shannara
Butler, Octavia — Kindred


Carlisle, Greg — Elegant Complexity
Cashore, Kristin — Graceling
Chung, Catherine — Forgotten Country
Clune, Michael W. — White Out
Common — One Day It’ll All Make Sense
Coplin, Amanda — The Orchardist
Crombie, Deborah — No Mark Upon Her


de los Santos, Marisa — Falling Together
Dillard, Annie — An American Childhood
Dow, David R. — The Autobiography of an Execution
Durant, Amy — Out of True


Ellis, Bret Easton — American Psycho
Ellis, Bret Easton — Less Than Zero
Ellison, Ralph — Invisible Man
Endo, Shusaku — Volcano
Endo, Shusaku — When I Whistle
Eugenides, Jeffrey — The Marriage Plot


Fagan, Jenni — The Panopticon
Faye, Lyndsay — The Gods of Gotham
Fitzgerald, F. Scott — The Great Gatsby
Fitzpatrick, David — Sharp
Foer, Joshua — Moonwalking With Einstein
Fuller, Margaret — The Essential Margaret Fuller (edited by Jeffrey Steele)


Gaiman, Neil — Neverwhere
Gemmell, Nikki — With My Body
Golden, Marita (editor) — The Word
Goldman, Carrie — Bullied
Goldstein, Andrew — The Bookie’s Son
Gordon, David — Mystery Girl
Grecian, Alex — The Yard
Grecian, Alex — The Black Country
Grossman, Lev — The Magicians
Gura, Philip K. — American Transcendentalism


Hadley, Tessa — Clever Girl
Harman, Patricia — The Midwife of Hope River
Harris-Perry, Melissa — Sister Citizen
Haworth, Kevin — Famous Drownings in Literary History
Himmer, Steve — The Bee-Loud Glade
Huang, Wenguang — The Little Red Guard
Hurston, Zora Neale — Their Eyes Were Watching God
Huxley, Aldous — Brave New World


Irving, John — In One Person
Irving, John — The World According to Garp


Jackson, Janet — True You
Jackson, Joshilyn — Someone Else’s Love Story
Jordan, Hillary — When She Woke


Kalotay, Daphne — Sight Reading
Kaplan, Hester — The Tell
Katague, Dodie — Cloyne Court
Kearsley, Susanna — The Firebird
Kesey, Ken — One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Keyes, Daniel — The Minds of Billy Milligan
Kingston, Maxine Hong — The Woman Warrior
Kirshenbaum, Sheril — The Science of Kissing
Koch, Herman — The Dinner
Koontz, Dean — What the Night Knows


Lawson, Jenny — Let’s Pretend This Never Happened
Lewis-Kraus, Gideon — A Sense of Direction
Lippman, Laura — And When She Was Good
Lipsky, David — Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself


Marable, Manning — Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention
Maturin, Charles Robert — Melmoth the Wanderer
McBride, Eimear — A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing
McGoran, Jon — Drift
Meigs, Jessica — The Becoming: Outbreak (original self-published ebook version)
Meigs, Jessica — The Becoming: Safe House (original self-published ebook version)
Miller, Arthur — The Crucible
Miller, Emily Jeanne — Brand New Human Being
Miller, James A. & Tom Shales — Those Guys Have All the Fun
Mishani, D.A. — The Missing File
Mitchell, Greg — The Campaign of the Century
Mohr, Joshua — Fight Song
Moorehead, Caroline — A Train in Winter
Morrison, Toni — Home
Mott, Jason — The Returned
Moyes, Jojo — The Girl You Left Behind
Murakami, Haruki — 1Q84


Newman, Sandra — The Western Lit Survival Kit
Novak, Chase — Breed


Oates, Joyce Carol — The Falls
Obreht, Téa — The Tiger’s Wife
O’Neal, Shaquille — Shaq Uncut: My Story
Orwell, George — 1984


Pardey, Lin — Bull Canyon
Pasternak, Boris — Doctor Zhivago


Ratner, Austin — In the Land of the Living
Rhodes, Jewell Parker — Ninth Ward
Riley, Peggy — Amity & Sorrow
Rogers, Jane — The Testament of Jessie Lamb
Rothfuss, Patrick — The Name of the Wind
Rothfuss, Patrick — The Wise Man’s Fear


Saramago, José — The Double
Sayrafiezadeh, Saïd — When Skateboards Will Be Free
Schwalbe, Will — The End of Your Life Book Club
Shapiro, Dani — Devotion: A Memoir
Sherman, Derek — Race Across the Sky
Sibley, Priscille — The Promise of Stardust
Southgate, Martha — The Taste of Salt
Speranza, Susan — The Tale of Lucia Grandi
Stanford, Eleanor — História, História
Stanley, Michael — Deadly Harvest
Stedman, Chris — Faitheist


Taylor, Benjamin — Naples Declared
Tessaro, Kathleen — The Perfume Collector
Thackeray, William Makepeace — Vanity Fair
Todd, Charles — Proof of Guilt
Torregrosa, Luisita López — Before the Rain


Valenti, Jessica — Full Frontal Feminism
Van Booy, Simon — The Illusion of Separateness
Veselka, Vanessa — Zazen
Vlautin, Willy — The Free
Vonnegut, Kurt — While Mortals Sleep


Wallace, David Foster — Infinite Jest
Warner, James — All Her Father’s Guns
Weber, Doron — Immortal Bird
Weller, Sam and Mort Castle (editors) — Shadow Show
Wharton, Edith — The Age of Innocence (informal non-review)
Wilkerson, Isabel — The Warmth of Other Suns
Williams, Beatriz — Overseas
Winstead, Lizz — Lizz Free or Die
Wright, Richard — Native Son


Yates, Christopher J. — Black Chalk
Yip, Mingmei — Skeleton Women


Zailckas, Koren — Mother, Mother
Zuckoff, Mitchell — Frozen in Time