Did you miss me?

Posted July 2, 2015 by Heather in Miscellaneous / 29 Comments

[taps microphone]

Is this thing on?

Hello! Long time, no post, huh?

Well, I’m back. It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted anything, and I’m finally feeling the desire to get back into the writing saddle.

Nothing bad happened, it just got to the point where I started taking this blogging thing a little too seriously and it was starting to feel like a chore. At some point I realized that I really wanted to just read and enjoy it and not have to write anything about it. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Reading.

And working! Last September I became a paid staff member of my local library! Dream job. It doesn’t even feel like a job. I get to work with books, and talk about books, and I get paid to do so. I love it. The people I work with are awesome, the patrons are awesome, and I couldn’t be happier.

You’ll notice that things look a little simpler around here. I think the heaviness of my last blog design was adding to the heaviness I felt about writing. I’ve decluttered and lightened things up, hoping that I will stay light about posting and writing about what I love. Reviews will hopefully be a little less “professional” and more lighthearted. I really needed to change the whole feel of things here.

I’ve been reading some great books, and I’ll be starting the reviews back up with a series that I’m super enjoying right now (even if it is a bit disturbing, ahem).

I hope I didn’t lose too many followers over my year of rest. If you’ve kept me in your feed readers or in your inboxes, I thank you. I’ve missed you guys!


  • Yay! so great to see you back, Heather!

    • Heather

      Thank you!

  • Welcome back, Heather! And congratulations on your new job–I’m totally jealous! 🙂

    • Heather

      Thanks, Carolyn!

  • Welcome back!!

  • Celestine Nudanu

    Great to have you back, Heather. I’ve been wondering about the silence actually, though you always drop in to like my poems. 🙂

    I agree with you about the reviews. These days I read what I want and simply do not have the urge to review all the time. Looking forward to reading your reviews.

    Congratulations on your new job!

    • Yep, I’ve still been keeping up with other blogs!

      Thank you, Celestine!

  • M. Fenn

    Glad to see you back!

  • There is something about not knowing what you’ve got till it’s gone. How true that was for me until I saw your post! I never realized just how much I missed seeing an email with your latest post. Reading this just now it felt like you were writing just to me! And I must say seeing your post energizes me to want to be more enthused with my own writing!

    Was that your evil plan all along? To somehow influence your avid readers into becoming writers as well? Oooh! I’m onto you Heather! Well, I won’t be fooled! Although, I did just write all of this and I am halfway through a post for my blog as well…hmm…

    Okay, okay, MAYBE you had a hand in coaxing the ever sleeping writer out of me! Readers beware!



    PS Does this mean a possible reading collab can be had some time in the distant future between us? 😉

    • MWAH-HA-HA-HAAAA…of course it was all part of my evil plan!

      And of course we can do a reading collab. I’d enjoy that very much.

  • Yay, nice to have you back! And congrats on the new job:)

  • So glad to see you back! Can’t wait to read what you’re ready to whip up.

  • Lisa Sheppard

    Welcome back!

  • Words for Worms

    Welcome back!

  • Vasilly

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I was thinking about asking you if you were ever going to come back! I’m so glad to see you around, Heather! You have been missed dearly.

    • Aw, thank you, lady.

      (I can’t wait to see that new baby!)

  • There you are! Welcome back. I was hoping you didn’t shit can (pardon my French) the ole blog. lol Looking forward to reading your fresh take on reviews. And I’m moving between jealousy and happiness for you about the library job. *wink* Dream job is right! Hope you had a nice holiday weekend. 🙂

  • Hey there! Glad to see you here. 🙂

  • geowhaley

    YAY for a new post. I love the new lighter layout. It’ll hopefully definitely improve your mood. Not so sure about the Disqus because it always drives me crazy logging in again and again and again. But you’re worth it 😀

    • Heather

      Hee! First you complained about Jet Pack comments, and now Disqus. ARE YOU NEVER HAPPY?!

      Just kidding. I’m looking forward to writing again. Now we just need to do a podcast together…

  • Welcome back!

  • Tif

    Yay! Glad you are back!!

  • Jennine G.

    Good to see you’re back!

  • Yay! I was so happy to see a new post from you in my feed reader. Though I did notice that your feed is now partial (glares…lovingly). 😉

    Keep it light and easy, Heather! I think I write about a quarter of the books I read and I’m happy with that. It was too stressful having to come up with a full-length post for everything I read.

    And yay for a dream job at the library! 🙂

    • Oh, shoot. That was the other thing I meant to fix–making sure the full post goes to feed readers. I’ll fix that today. Thank you for reminding me!

      I’ll probably end up writing about things other than books, too. 🙂

      • I’m sure you know that I’m a big fan of “other things” 😉

  • I am so glad you’re back, Heather.

    I have been quiet on the blogging front as well and I’ve started to feel the same as you