Bout of Books 10: Master Post & Reading List

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Reading list:

I won’t be getting to all of these (obviously), but this is the list of books I’ll be choosing from this week (I’ll be reading just parts of some for readalongs and book clubs). sj and I will be reading some of them together because that’s how we roll.

  • Idiopathy, Sam Byers
  • Sedition, Katharine Grant
  • The Dynamite Room, Jason Hewitt
  • Ballistics, D.W. Wilson
  • The Word Exchange, Alena Graedon
  • Four Past Midnight, Stephen King
  • Needful Things, Stephen King
  • The Shadow Year, Hannah Richell
  • Coraline, Neil Gaiman
  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, John Boyne
  • Looking for Alaska, John Green
  • The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas
  • The Stone Diaries, Carol Shields
  • The Strain, Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan
  • Jinx, Sage Blackwood
  • Rat Queens #5, Kurtis J. Wiebe
  • Saga, Vol. 1, Brian K. Vaughan
  • The Sandman, Vol. 10, Neil Gaiman
  • Chew, Vol. 1, John Layman


  • Read a lot. Often.
  • Join a Twitter chat or two.


Pages read: 318
Books finished: 0

Today was a good reading day. I read parts of The Shadow Year by Hannah Richell, Sedition by Katharine Grant, and Four Past Midnight by Stephen King. Took a few breaks along the way–one for a nap, one for dinner, and one to start watching the first season of Orange is the New Black. Pretty good show so far. Nice to see a bunch of familiar faces.

I’m going to read a little bit more and then head to bed. Tomorrow I have to take Rascal to the vet and then participate in a book club at my local library. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a bunch of reading done in between.

Pages read: 318
Books finished: 0

How weird is it that I read the same number of pages two days in a row?

Today was a kind of busy day, so I’m surprised by how much reading I got done. I even took a nap in the afternoon.

I’m still reading the same three books. I should be finishing all three soon.

Pages read: 400
Books finished: 1

  • The Shadow Year, Hannah Richell

This was my best reading day so far, in terms of quantity…which is really strange considering I didn’t start reading until almost 2pm. I finished The Shadow Year and I’m very close to finishing Four Past Midnight.

Pages read: 389
Books finished: 1

  • Four Past Midnight, Stephen King

Got quite a bit of reading done again today. Not as much as I’d hoped, but King is one wordy guy. Even though I’m only counting Four Past Midnight as one book, it is actually a collection of four novellas…so technically…

sj found out yesterday that the second book of the Dollanganger series (V.C. Andrews) has been adapted for TV by Lifetime (Flowers in the Attic must have been a rousing success) and is being aired at different times during the week of Memorial Day. Of course we’ve gotten a group together to read the book quickly before we all watch the movie together. If you’re interested in joining us for our group read of Petals on the Wind, let us know! It’s totally laid back, no schedule, no posting necessary. We’ll just be chatting about it on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll be starting the book soon.

Pages read: 368
Books finished: 2

  • Sedition, Katharine Grant
  • The Stone Diaries, Carol Shields

The Stone Diaries is SO GOOD. I’m going to be recommending this book all over the place.

Good reading day considering I also spent a bit of time writing a post for IB.

I don’t have anywhere to go or anything to do this weekend (hallelujah), so I’ll just be lying on the couch, reading. Should be a good wrap-up to my Bout of Books week.

Pages read: 169
Books finished: 0

Um, yeah. Horrible reading day. Susie (of Insatiable Booksluts) made me the awesome graphic that you now see between posts on my homepage (and between comments on posts), so I spent the day working on my website. It took me a bit to figure out how to add the graphic between posts, one thing led to another, and when I looked up, four hours had gone by. Ugh. Isn’t the graphic fantastic, though? Susie is so talented.

I’m a little more than halfway through The Dynamite Room, so I’ll definitely be finishing that on Sunday.

Pages read: 309
Books finished: 1

  • The Dynamite Room, Jason Hewitt

Well, I’m not unhappy with getting 309 pages read, but I probably could have almost doubled it if I hadn’t spent 3 hours of my day helping Her Teenage Highness clean her room and move stuff around.

This was definitely a good reading week, though–I finished five books and finished my hundredth book for the year. And for the most part the books I read this week were really good.

Hopefully I’ll have time to do it again in August! Hope everyone else had fun this week, too.

Total pages read: 2,271
Total books finished: 5


  • Wow! I could never read that many books in one week. I’ll be lucky to finish my goal of three! Lol. Good luck!

    • Heather

      I’ll never read all of these, either. I just wanted a long list to choose from. Some of them are comics, so they’ll go fairly quickly. Thanks!

  • That is quite the list. Have fun!

    • Heather

      Thanks! You, too!

  • I’m joining in too. Not that I’ll have much time to read, but such is my life these days. May avoid the chats too because there are way too many participants. Too hard to keep up!

    Great list you’re choosing from. Of course, I’m reading a couple of the same, as you know. 😉 And The Count of Monte-Cristo is on my Classics Spin list.

    • We’re reading The Count of Monte Cristo for one of the book clubs I’m involved in at our library. We meet on June 12th to discuss it…I feel like I should have started it two weeks ago. Haha!

  • Ooh…interesting list! Count of Monte Cristo has been on my ‘should read’ list forever as I’m a huge fan of the movie (with Guy Pearce as an amazing villain.)

    Good luck!

    • I’ve never seen any of the movie adaptations. I’ll have to watch the one you like when I’m done rereading the book. Thanks!

  • Good luck and have fun! I’m interested to hear what you think about The Strain.

  • Tif

    There are so many great titles on this list! You are going to have a great week of reading!!

    I’m participating too, but need to finalize my list of books this morning and get it posted.

  • How do you like Orange is the New Black so far? I watched the first few episodes on Netflix and it didn’t seem to stick.

    • Heather

      We only watched the first two episodes tonight, but I like it so far. It’s pretty good. We’ll probably stick with it.

  • Orange is the New Black is such a good show! Plus, it seems to get better with each episode.

    Coraline is a nice, creepy read. It’s perfect for nighttime reading. 🙂

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  • You’re doing great!

  • sj

    Yay, we’re both doing so well!

  • The Stone Diaries was one of the books that I would say changed my life. We read it in junior college (in Singapore that’s like the last two years of high school) for a practical criticism literature class, and I will never forget it. It made me want to read again. Not that I wasn’t reading before, but I wasn’t reading seriously. And it just made me want to go out there and read and read!

  • Looks like you’re still going strong! Keep it up! Sounds like you have the second half of a lovely weekend ahead of you. 🙂 Enjoy!

  • You’re doing great! I can’t seem to break 200 pages per day but work has been a beating. Finish strong!

  • Always a plus when the books are good. It would be a hollow victory to be like, “Yeah, I read 10 books this week! …and only really liked two of them.”

    • Heather

      Exactly. That would really suck. Hahaha!

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