Reading Wrap-Up(s): February, March, and April

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April 2014

Guess I slacked off on my reading wrap-ups for a couple of months, so now I have three months worth to share with you. Wow.

WINTER IS OVER. I can’t express in words how truly happy this makes me. It’s still been pretty chilly here for spring, but I’ll take temperatures in the 50s over temps in the 20s any day.

Let’s see…what has been going on…

I’m still working my way through the Desmond Elliott longlist–I’m halfway through it, with some reviews that need writing. I participated in World Book Night which was super fun and rewarding–still need to write a post about my experience being a giver. Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon was last Saturday and I did pretty well. I ended up finishing two books and I read 508 pages (you can see my master post here). I’m not wholly satisfied with those numbers, but I signed up at the very last minute because sj twisted my arm until it broke mentioned that she was also signing up at the last minute. For not doing any planning ahead of time (and being interrupted a bunch of times that day), I guess I did pretty well. I’ll definitely be planning ahead for the next readathon in October, so that one should go a lot better.

sj has gotten me back into reading comic books after years and years of giving them up, and I have to say that I have no idea what took me so long to get back into them. I am thoroughly enjoying myself. ARTWORK. PRETTY COLORS. I bought an iPad Air back in March and reading comics on it is just the best. (Note: I am adding my comic book reading here and on Goodreads as whole volumes, not separate issues, so I can actually count them as books without feeling like I’m inflating my stats.)

Because I have three months’ worth of stats to list here, I’m not going to include my normal screenshots or the lists of books I read each month–check out this page to see everything I’ve read so far this year.


Books finished: 17
YTD: 41

Pages read: 6,263
YTD: 12,971


Books finished: 19
YTD: 60

Pages read: 5,225 (1,372 comic pages)
YTD: 18,196 (2,468 comic pages)


Books finished: 28
YTD: 88

Pages read: 6,553 (3,007 comic pages)
YTD: 24,749 (5,475 comic pages)


Currently reading:


Plans for May:

MORE COMICS. Definitely Rat Queens. Maybe some Saga.

sj and I took an unintended break from our Stephen King project, so we really need to get back on that this month. Up next are Four Past Midnight and Needful Things.

sj and I also have ARCs of The Noble Hustle by Colson Whitehead and The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon to read together, which I think we’re hoping to get to.

I have the rest of the Desmond Elliott list to get through, but that shouldn’t take me long at all, and I have a few other ARCs I need to read this month.

Have some books to read for book clubs / group reads: The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields, Taken by Robert Crais, People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks, The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

One of the books clubs I participate in at my local library is discussing The Count of Monte Cristo in June, but I’m going to start it now because it’s a BRICK. I forgot how big it is until I picked up a copy at the library.


What’s on your reading agenda for May? Anything you’re super excited about? Let me know in the comments!


  • sj

    Read Rat Queens first cos the new issue is out next week. Then we can do something else. ^.^

    • Heather

      Yes, that was my plan. I’ll be reading Rat Queens this weekend.

  • You read so much! I’m amazed. 500 pages in one day is nothing to sneeze at.
    I’m not really a comics person, but I read Saga (Vol. 1) last year and I’m itching to read Vols. 2 and 3. Maybe in May?

    I’d love to do the 24-hour readathon, but I have no clue how to manage it with a toddler underfoot.

    • Heather

      You’d definitely need a helper for the toddler. But you also can participate as much or as little as you want–you could maybe participate during naptime(s) and bedtime? Unless that’s also when you get *your* sleep, in which case sleep is more important. Haha!

  • Too many books, not enough time. I want to continue re-reading the fantasy series I started during the read-a-thon… I want to re-read a couple Baldacci thrillers before reading the latest in the series… I want to read at least one of this month’s books for my library’s online discussion group… I want to read the NetGalley ARCs I have requested… plus there’s all the regular old books I want to read just because they caught my interest!

    On the plus side, I’ll have a good variety to choose from when I jump into the Bout of Books read-a-thon in a couple weeks!

    • Heather

      You definitely have the same problem I do. Haha!

      My husband loves Baldacci. He’s been listening to all of them (and I mean all of them) on audiobook for months now. I think he’s just about caught up except for a couple of the standalones. He really liked Baldacci’s recent YA fantasy attempt. He has recommended it to both Ashley and me.

  • I spent so much time on Twitter and blogs for the Dewey readathon, I think I’m just going to do it myself in October. I read the Count of Monte Cristo on my ereader, so that helped with the size issue. As much as I enjoyed the story, it took some time to read. Darn those classic authors and their serialized novels. I have been following your posts about Lolita. You guys are hilarious!

  • Heather, I was reading a ton of comic books back in February, I think? And I felt sort of bad adding them to my stats count, but I was also counting volumes, not issues too. They’re still books though… 😛

    • Heather

      They *are* still books! I just don’t want to count each separate issue as a book.

  • I also forgot how big The Count was and I switched it off my Tea and Books challenge last year because it was too long. Good luck with all the books!