January Reads, February Plans

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I don’t have a whole lot to say about January. It’s the hardest month of winter for me–it’s dark, it’s cold, it’s long–and all I really want to do is read and sleep (which is pretty much what I do the entire month). I still vote for hibernation. Who do I need to speak to about that?

I got lots of reading done between naps, though…

Books finished: 24
YTD: 24

  • Flowers in the Attic, V.C. Andrews
  • Love Water Memory, Jennie Shortridge
  • Misery, Stephen King
  • The Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye, Robert Kirkman
  • The Walking Dead, Vol. 2: Miles Behind Us, Robert Kirkman
  • The Walking Dead, Vol. 3: Safety Behind Bars, Robert Kirkman
  • The Walking Dead, Vol. 4: The Heart’s Desire, Robert Kirkman
  • Artful, Ali Smith
  • The Walking Dead, Vol. 5: The Best Defense, Robert Kirkman
  • The Walking Dead, Vol. 6: This Sorrowful Life, Robert Kirkman
  • The Walking Dead, Vol. 7: The Calm Before, Robert Kirkman
  • The Walking Dead, Vol. 8: Made to Suffer, Robert Kirkman
  • The Tides of Memory, Sidney Sheldon & Tilly Bagshawe
  • Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Salman Rushdie
  • The Testing, Joelle Charbonneau
  • The Tommyknockers, Stephen King
  • Possession, A.S. Byatt
  • Independent Study, Joelle Charbonneau
  • Nada, Carmen Laforet
  • The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress, Ariel Lawhon
  • The Free, Willy Vlautin
  • Pawn of Prophecy, David Eddings
  • The Gendarme, Mark T. Mustian
  • Song of Susannah, Stephen King

My favorites in January were The Testing, Independent Study, Nada, and The Walking Dead comics (not including Song of Susannah because it was a reread). I can’t wait until June for the last book in The Testing trilogy–those books are so good.

Pages read: 6,708 (1,096 of which were comic book pages)
YTD: 6,708 (1,096 comic book pages)

Jan 2014 pagesPages read in January, by day
Jan 2014 GN pagesComic book pages read in January, by day

Currently reading:

  • The Dark Tower, Stephen King
  • Zone One, Colson Whitehead

Plans for February:

For my buddy sj, February is Zombruary, which means reading a bunch of zombie books this month. I’m not into them quite as much as she is, but we are doing a bit of zombie reading together. Right now we’re reading Zone One by Colson Whitehead (which is fan-freaking-tastic so far), then we’ll be reading Pontypool Changes Everything by Tony Burgess. I’m sure we’ll be reading more of The Walking Dead comics together, too, at some point.

Photo Feb 03, 2 54 08 PMClick to visit sj’s blog and learn more about Zombruary

I’ll be reading The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo for one of my library book clubs, and I’ll be reading Ripper by Isabel Allende to review for TLC Book Tours. I also have a few other review copies of books to read that I hope to get to this month. sj and I will probably be reading at least one Stephen King book for our READ ALL THE SK project (The Dark Half), if we have time for it. Other than that, I refuse to lay out a plan. I’ll just read whatever sounds good at the time.

Favorite book(s) in January? Looking forward to a particular book in February? Let me know in the comments!



  • Wow, very impressive! And I must say that while I hate January, I think I hate February even more. It makes me feel so close to spring, and yet so far.

    • Heather

      I can understand that. For me, anything past January is closer to spring, even though in February it’s still two months away.

  • sj

    I only read 19 books in January, you are kicking my ASS so far!

    Independent Study is on my best of January list too. ^.^

    • Heather

      The ass kicking won’t last for long, I’m sure. Hahaha!

      • sj

        We’ll see!

        Some year we’ll have to read everything together. It’s just not the same without a partner.

        • Heather

          Yes! And I love the discussions we have about the books we read together.

  • I am super impressed by your 24 books in January! That is awesome. I’m also inspired to get off my duff and get on with the reading of The Walking Dead. Best of luck with Zombruary, it sounds like fun!

    • Heather

      Thanks, Katie!

  • Whoa! You read a lot (but you already know that)! πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to reading books from my graphic novel stack this month. How was The Tommyknockers?

    • Heather

      LONG. Too long. King suffered from his well-known verbosity with that one. Haha! The story was really good, but it could have been at least 200 pages shorter.

  • I’m with you–I think I should be given a three months leave of absence from work in the wintertime so I can hibernate (with my books).

  • Yay, you liked Nada!! Too bad you didn’t enjoy Possession, it’s a favourite of mine but it’s been many years, so who knows how I’d feel about it now.

    • Heather

      I liked Nada A LOT. I will have my guest post ready for you soon.

      As far as Possession goes, I just think I wasn’t in the right mood for it. The poetry kept feeling like an interruption. It was a very slow read for me, but not in a good way. I really liked the actual storyline, though.

  • What did you think about the Salman Rushdie one? I’ve just bought it and I’m looking forward to reading it. It seems more accessible than most of his other works. The Tommyknockers is one of my least favorite King novels. I didn’t even finish it but gave up after what felt like a billion pages about a man digging…

    • Heather

      Haaaaahahahaha! I love your description of The Tommyknockers. I told sj and my husband that I felt like for every page I read, two more pages got added to the end. It was the NEVERENDING STORY.

      Haroun and the Sea of Stories is great. It’s a book meant for middle grade kids, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. So did Ashley. You’ll like it.

  • I love that you’re reading zombie books in February. I think that should heat things up a bit for you. I was given the first Walking Dead comic, but I’m not sure if I should give it a try or not. I’m watching the show and wonder if that’s good enough. Did you get any extra benefit from reading the comics?

    • Heather

      The storyline is a bit different in the comics, and there are some character differences. So far, the TV show has remained *pretty* close to the comics, aside from those few story changes and character changes. There are definitely differences between the two, but unless you’re really picky about that stuff like me, it’s nothing huge that you’re missing out on.

      I will tell you that I’ve really enjoyed the comics, though. I recommend them on their own if you’re ever in the mood for them.

  • I’m with you on the hibernation. Some people LIKE this weather??? BRRRR!!!

    And who cares what kind of pages they are? Rock them! All 6,000+ πŸ˜€

    • Heather

      Thanks! I just wanted to kind of keep them separate for myself, too. πŸ™‚

      I know lots of people who prefer cold weather. Let them. I’d be happy to trade places with the people who live in warmer climates. Haha!

  • Holy awesome month, Batman! Way to go πŸ˜€

    I’d really love to read The Walking Dead comics one day. Love the heck out of that show and I know I’d love the original source.

    My favorite book of January was Belle Cora…sigh, sooo good.

  • How you feel about January is how I feel about February. January I’m all energized because of the new year but by the time February rolls around I’m just ready for spring (lucky for us it is right around the corner). I figure that’s why February is so short–it’s a miserable month!! GIVE ME SOME WARMTH.

    I’m impressed by how much you can read each day. I keep trying to work on my speed but I’m a slowpoke. Doesn’t help that I usually am distracted by twitter. LOL!

  • Tif

    I am so glad you started reading The Walking Dead! I really love that series, though I think there is a new volume out that I need to read.

    Tommyknockers is one of the King books that I still have not yet read. I think it might be on my shelves, but I can’t remember. I’ve heard good things about that one.

  • Did you read Flowers in the Attic because of the miniseries? I read most of V.C. Andrews books when I was in high school and probably shouldn’t have. The only ones I really remember were from The Orphans series.

  • Rowena

    LOL @ Zombruary! I’m not a fan of zombies, to be honest, but I heard the Walking Dead books are brilliant.

  • I read Flowers in the Attic so long ago. Such a powerfully heartbreaking book. if I remember. The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress sounds intriguing if the title is anything to go by. Impressive, as usual.