October 2012 Reading Plans

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I’m going to make this short and sweet because I have some reviews to catch up on, and I’d really rather be reading.

The Literary Others: An LGBT Reading Event is being hosted by Adam of Roof Beam Reader in honor of LGBT History Month. I’ve chosen to read six LGBT-themed books in October, and I’ve already read four of them. The list of books I’ve chosen to read can be found in my sidebar, where you can also click on the Literary Others button to be taken to Adam’s blog for more information.

The EPIC Dark Tower Read-a-Long is being hosted by Michelle of The True Book Addict on her dedicated Stephen King Challenge blog. This month we’re working on the second book of the series, The Drawing of the Three.

Project Read All Of Atwood

This month’s book is Bodily Harm, first published in 1981. You can find more information about this project and its creator in my sidebar. I think my schedule is slightly different from Dan’s now because he’s decided to read the short fiction when he’s in the mood for it (instead of in order of publication). His reading schedule can be seen on his blog.


This month’s #TuesBookTalk selection is The Passage, written by Justin Cronin. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened, so I’ve already finished it. Haha! The second book of the trilogy–The Twelve–came out yesterday, so I downloaded it and I’ll be starting it this evening, hopefully.


More information about all of the books/projects above can be found in my sidebar. I’m reading a bunch of other books on my own, too, of course. I don’t really decide on those books in advance, though, so I’ll put them in my “Currently Reading” widget as I read them.

I hope you’re all having a lovely October!


  • sj

    You haven’t started The Twelve yet? WHAAAAAAAAAA? I don’t want to get too far ahead of you!

    • No, I haven’t! I wanted to read some of DT last night after I finished The Casual Vacancy, and then the debate was on, and then today was “date day,” so Eric and I were out. I’m hoping to start it tonight or tomorrow morning.

      • sj

        I’ll go back to one of my other books, then. FINE, HEATHER!

        (I act like I’m all offended when I didn’t even know we were going to be reading together but now I’m SO ATTACHED TO THIS IDEA!)

        • Hahaha! I love you. How far have you gotten?

          • sj

            Hee, you asked that JUST AS I shut the laptop down for the night, so you’re getting my reply hours later.

            I’m ~33% in, but I’m at a point where I wouldn’t mind reading something else for a while.

  • I love your project of all Atwood! It makes me want to make my own Atwood schedule, but maybe not rereading, but excluding the already read (except for Handmaid’s Tale which I could read 100 times over). It makes it so doable and not overwhelming!

    • One a month is the perfect amount, I think. It’s been great, and I haven’t read some of them for so long that I feel like I’m reading them for the first time.

      • I really should make a schedule and sign up! I am feeling a little overwhelmed (vacation then my parents visiting then in-laws coming) so I might wait but use your schedule to make up my own!

        • Yeah, the next couple of months will be a little hectic for me, too, with the holidays and stuff.