The Classics Club, Hosted by A Room of One’s Own

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The Classics Club
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Jillian of A Room of One’s Own came up with an awesome idea to host a book club of sorts, which she has named The Classics Club. The idea is for individual readers to set a goal to read a certain number of classics over a certain period of time (say, 100 classics over a period of five years). The club is intended to be very casual–pick your own list, no stress, no major requirements, etc.–and it sounds like a lot of fun. I’m a lover of classics and there are so many I have yet to read, so I jumped at the chance to join Jillian and the other participants.

My goal is to read the following 100 classics over the next five years (list to be expanded if I reach the goal early), which is quite doable for me–that’s about two classics per month. Some of the books on the list will be re-reads for me (technically), but I read them so long ago (when I was a kid/teenager) that I have forgotten almost everything about them. I’m sure I will feel like I’m reading them for the first time. Plus, it’s amazing how much more one gets out of a book the second time around, when one has 20+ more years of experience and learning under one’s belt.

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  • Nice list! Good luck with your reading.

  • I like the idea of this, but feel like it would hang over my head and I would worry about it. I’ve book marked this (and Sarah’s list over at Sarah Reads too much) to ponder over for a bit. I’ve got quite a few classics on my ridiculously long list as it is. good luck regardless!

    • Thank you, Jeff! I’m actually a *little* nervous about that happening to me, too, but I’m just going to take it one classic at a time. I already had this list put together informally on index cards…I really just added the finish date to it.

      • I’m going to sit down and look at my list in the next few days – just at a cursory glance I found about 20 so I’m sure there’s close to 50 on there, especially if I throw on the re-reads staring at me from my bookshelf. Could be good to add the finish date.

        • Ok, cool! I’d love to see your list. 😉

    • I commented at your main list, but wanted to stop here too to wish you luck and a hearty WOOT. Don’t worry if you don’t finish! I think part of the fun will be to see who actually makes it all the way to the end. That’s what I love about the War & Peace readalong I’m hosting. There are just a few of us still clinging to the threads of that book. 😆

  • Okay girl, my list is finally done! I’ve been busy the last couple of days and it took me forever to compile it! Some of the books on your list I’m reading for the Fill in the Gaps challenge I’m also participating in so they are on that list. Let me know what you think. Your list is great, by the way!