Book Sentence Challenge — 24-Hour Read-a-Thon

Posted October 22, 2011 by in Read-a-thons / 10 Comments

The Book Sentence Challenge is being hosted by Midnight Book Girl. Using at least three of the books in my home, I have to use the titles to come up with a sentence (and without adding any extra words). So let’s see…

The story sisters lost the warmth of other suns where the sidewalk ends in the woods.

Hope everyone is enjoying the read-a-thon and getting lots of reading done! I am taking a break to have dinner with my husband, and then I’ll be back.


  • I wish I could post a picture comment of my books — here’s mine:

    One Day (by David Nicholls)
    On the Banks of Plum Creek (by Laura Ingalls Wilder)
    The Pig Did It (by Joseph Caldwell
    Running with Scissors (by Augusten Burroughs)
    I thought You Were Dead (by Pete Nelson)

  • Rachel


    Hope you’re doing well and keep on going!

  • I hope you’re having fun with your readathon! *o/*

  • LOL! when in doubt string together a bunch of titles beginning with prepositions. 😉

    I’m SO glad you’re having such a wonderful readathon!!

  • I love this! I’ll have to take a look at my bookshelf later and do this 🙂

  • Beautiful sentence! I’m actually reading Silverstein’s Every Thing On It for Readathon. Thank you for participating!

  • Milene

    Nicely done!