Friday’s Five Books: Check Out These Awesome Recommendations From Dean of Unleash This

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Friday's Five Books*Friday’s Five Books is a bi-weekly post on Between the Covers that highlights book recommendations from the reading community.

Dean Goranites. Twenty-three years old. Buffalo resident. Book reviewer.

I graduated from Cansius College with a degree in English well over a year ago. Unsurprisingly, I still haven’t found a job outside of my family’s locally owned business. Who would have thought.

To keep the rust off and stay involved, I started a YouTube channel, named it “Unleash This” because I thought it sounded pretty cool, and began reviewing novels on a weekly basis.

Hopefully tomorrow, some big name newspaper will catch one of my vids while surfin’ the net, and hire me as their lead book reviewer.

Until then, you can catch my weekly discussions all over the place. Got a YouTube account? Subscribe to my videos at Tumblr more your thing? Wanna chat? I sure do. Hit me on twitter. I’m @UnleashingWords.

And now, here are my top five favorite books. Judge me accordingly.

Thank you, Dean! These are fantastic recommendations! And Infinite Jest is definitely not a 20-something book. It resonated with me and I loved it. LOVED IT.


**If you choose to purchase any of these titles using the links below, I will receive a small percentage of the sale (to be used toward site maintenance and buying more books).

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