Breakfast & Books

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Breakfast & Books

In my last Breakfast & Books post, I told you that I probably wouldn’t be writing another one for a while because I have so many books to read.  Eric and I didn’t even go to Barnes & Noble after breakfast last week, and we only stopped there today because Eric was looking for a specific magazine.  Well, I broke down and bought two books.  Actually, as Eric is also  interested in these particular books, it was more like a joint purchase.   In fact, I only pointed out the newly-released second book in the series and told him where I’d heard about it, and he’s the one who read the inside flap, tucked the book under his arm and went off in search of the first book in the series…

Picture of books by Patrick Rothfuss

I first heard about the The Kingkiller Chronicles and their author, Patrick Rothfuss, from a friend on Twitter (@graff_king).  The first book in the chronicle, The Name of the Wind, was published in 2007 and he was excited that the second book, The Wise Man’s Fear, had finally been released.  When he asked me if I’d ever read the first one, I had to admit that I’d never even heard of the author.  He assured me that the first book was fantastic and that he was really looking forward to reading the second book, and highly recommended both to me.  So I wrote the author’s name down and figured I would look into them the next time I was in the market for a new book or two.

Then last Wednesday, Alex (a book friend I “met” through blogging), posted his review of The Wise Man’s Fear and gave it a 5-star rating.  He also included a link to his review of The Name of the Wind, which he had also given 5 stars.  I’d been following his blog for a bit, so I knew we tended to share the same taste in books.  Now the books had been recommended by two people whose tastes in books I admire, so I decided to check them out the next time I was in B&N.

When we got to B&N today, I headed straight for the new releases and found The Wise Man’s Fear.  I picked it up to see how big it was, flipped through it to see how many pages were in it, then put it back down.  I really wasn’t planning on buying it because I have a bookcase full of other books to read.  Then Eric joined me and I pointed it out to him and started telling him about the reviews I had read and the recommendations I had received.  As I said at the beginning of this post, it was actually Eric’s decision to buy both of them.  So, we ended up leaving B&N with two new books.  I didn’t think I’d be able to get to them right away, but Eric is on vacation next week and we’ve decided to work out a plan to read the first one together so we can discuss it as we read.  I’m really looking forward to this because Eric doesn’t usually get a lot of time to read, and it isn’t often that we can read the same book within the same time span.  Usually he’s reading books that I’ve read months–or even years–ago, so this is going to be fun.

If you think you might be interested in The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear, check out Alex’s reviews.  I also learned some interesting things about Patrick Rothfuss from his official website and the Wikipedia page about him.

Until next time… happy reading!



  • It’s so funny that you picked up these two books because I’ve been wanting to read The Name of the Wind for a while now. I’ve had it in my library for over a year. The reason it’s funny is because this new group I joined on Goodreads, Fantasy Book Club ( was holding nominations for their May read and I nominated The Name of the Wind. The poll went up last week and the book is 19 votes ahead. So if (when) it wins, I’m definitely going to be reading it in May! Exciting! I look forward to your thoughts and maybe we can have a little impromptu discussion ourselves.

    • Haha! That’s awesome. We’ll definitely have to talk about it when you read it.

  • Oh, I read the first book and loved it! It was almost like two stories in one. 🙂 When you get to reading it you’ll understand what I mean. I loved the poetic sounding style of writing he has. 🙂 The words sounded like music, oh and when he described the music! Wow.

    I bought the second book when it came out, but now I don’t know when I’ll be able to get to it though. 🙂

    Do enjoy!

    • Thanks, Mel! I’m really looking forward to reading it next week.

  • You are in for such a treat with the Kingkiller series! and you’ll be able to read the 2nd book right after the first one. I waited 8 months inbetween, that was a mistake.

    • Yes. I’m so glad I just heard about them so I can read the first two back-to-back if I want to. But then we’ll all still be waiting for the third one. Crud! Haha!