Thank you…

Posted January 14, 2011 by Heather in Miscellaneous / 6 Comments

Now that the site is pretty much up and running, I would like to take this time to thank the people who really helped me get it started.  These people made the process much smoother–without them, I would have struggled longer with the details and the setup process.

  • Justin of Geek Shui Living not only helped me brainstorm ideas for the name of the blog, but also convinced me to do it right and buy my own domain name.  He answered a ton of questions for me about how and where to do this.  I am very grateful for his Geek Shui-ness.  (In addition to his tech/gadget website linked above, you can also find him on Twitter as @GeekShui, as well as his personal blog at
  • Cate (@lollerscates on Twitter) also helped with the brainstorming process in her own hilarious way.  She helped me make the final decision to go with WordPress as my blogging venue.  And even though I didn’t name my blog after her, she has been an ongoing source of support throughout the process, and she’s an awesome cheerleader.  Make sure you check out her blog, cate with a cee, and be sure to check out her amazing photography on Flickr.
  • A big, huge thank you goes to my wonderful husband, Eric.  Once the blog building began and I started working on the looks and functionality, he became the victim of my perfectionist tendencies.  I’m sure he went to sleep that first night with “How does this look?  Can you click on that and tell me what you think?  How does it look now?  What about now?  Now?  Can you click through the pages again and make sure they work?  How does that look?” ringing in his ears… and he’s quite possibly still hearing phantom echoes.  He also taught me about the WordPress navigation and options.  He’s so awesome.  (Eric is a digital artist and his work can be seen at digitalgreenlifeart on deviantART, as well as his blog at dgl art and design.)
  • Another huge thank you goes to family friend and romance author extraordinaire Samantha Hunter.   She helped me brainstorm the tagline for the blog, and continues to give me ideas about future content for the site.  It has been a long time since I’ve done any formal writing, and because she is an experienced author and writing instructor, I have been going to her for editing help.  She has read, reviewed, and helped me edit everything I have sent to her, without complaint.  I know she has her own busy schedule as an author usually working on more than one book at a time, but she still takes time out of her busy day to help and guide me.  Thank you, Sam.  (You can also find Samantha on Twitter–@SamanthaHunter, and on Life’s A Beach–her personal blog.)

Thank you to those of you who have subscribed to the blog already, or left me comments and feedback to let me know what you think–all of my friends are wonderful and supportive.  You have my heartfelt gratitude.